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Executive Board
Vice chair & Exhibits
At large
Executive Director
Active Members
Claudia Adams
Robert Ash 
Mary Barrows
John Boyce
Leon Brown
Rita Bufis
Paula Castillo
Clover Cochran
Hope A. Curtis
Dawna Daugherty
Joyce Deshler
Dimitry Domani
Rick Fisher
Edward Fleming
Lisa Freeman
Marie Gee
Edward Gerwe
Daryl Graham
Bradley S. Gray
Jacqueline C. Hill
Mary H. Hodge
Ron Holzman
David Hoptman
Mary Jane House
Dwight Hume
Barbara T. Ingram
Djean Jawrunner
Rudy Klimpert
Kenneth Koch
Daniel Kronberg
Eduardo Larios
Katrina Lasko
Gayle Luchessa
Deborah Miller
Michael Odland
Helen Pollock
Donna Quasthoff
Barbara Quimby
Rachel M. Reyes
Kevin Robb
Earl Rohleder
Mark Saxe
Jyoti Schon
Patricia A. Simon
Phillip Somervell
Martin Spei
Gina Telcocci
Mark Toma
Rosella Van Lyssel
Thelma Walenrod
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