Medium Steel, aluminum, copper, bronze.
Website www.czor.com
E.mail Doug Czor
My contemporary sculpture refers to the communication of ideas between artistic, spiritual, and scientific creativity through operations of abstraction and transformation.   In my objects, I strive to bring forth metaphors of spirituality, high ideals, and perhaps to some degree the exploration of the unknown. 
- Bernalillo County Courthouse Collection, diffraction grating series, 48" x 48", "Galileo's Library," upper floor Contemporary Art Collection, Bernalillo County Courthouse, Albuquerque, NM.
- New Mexico Military Institute, painted steel and stainless steel sphere, 35’ in height, “Reaching For The Stars,” Roswell, NM.
- Bernalillo County Courthouse Collection, diffraction grating bas-relief on hammered aluminum, 48” x 48”, “Galileo’s Library,” Albuquerque, NM. 
- Bernalillo County Courthouse Collection and Bernalillo County Detention Center, bronze bas-relief, 2 of 2, 72” in diameter, Bernalillo County Seal, Albuquerque, NM.
- Front lobby of Phillips Lab, Kirtland Air Force Base, diffraction grating painting on hammered aluminum, 84” x 84”, “M-100 Spiral Galaxy In Virgo,” Albuquerque, NM.
- Hobbs City Hall Collection, Electroformed Copper bas-relief, 22” x 22”, “Sun Katchina,” Hobbs, NM.
- Hobbs City Hall Collection, Electroformed Copper bas-relief, 13.5” x 26.5”, “Sunflower Yeis,” Hobbs, NM.
- 2005 - Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge Festival of Cranes, "One Wind II," Socorro, NM
- 2004 - Shidoni Gallery, “Finding The Light,” Tesuque, NM.
- 2003 - Shidoni Gallery, “Inside, Out,” New Mexico Sculptors Guild Exhibition, Tesuque, NM.
- 2002 - The Governor’s Gallery, “In The Round: Sculpture at the Roundhouse”,  New Mexico Sculptor’s Guild Exhibition, Santa Fe, NM.
- 2001 - COSI Toledo Exploratorium, “COSI Astronomical Art Show”, International Astronomical Artists Association Exhibit, Toledo, OH.
- 1999 - The Art Center At Fuller Lodge, “Contemporary Art 1999”,  Los Alamos, NM.
- 1989 - International Astronomical Artists Association Exhibition; Two metal sculptures in a traveling exhibit through three Russian cities, serving as an olive branch of peace from artist/scientists from the United States.
"One Mind"
Gold leaf on panel.
"Reaching for the Stars "
Painted steel.
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