Medium Bronze, stone
E.mail myaleh@msn.com
The purpose of my work is to provoke a perceptual, internal and intellectual response from the viewer. A visual that speaks to life's experiences, creates symbols of universal connection and the relationship that one has to another and to nature. Using the invaluable experience of my mentors along with my own vision, I create an evolutionary body of work in alabaster, marble, limestone and bronze often combining different elements to bring forth a duality in the sculpture that I make,
- Exposure International Gallery, Sedona, AZ
- A New Leaf Gallery, San Francisco, CA
- Desert Art, Palm Desert, CA
- Bee Gallery, New Orleans, LA
- Crossroad Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
- Laurence Gallery, Portland. OR
- Thornwood Gallery, Houston, TX
- Old Town gallery, Park City, UT
- Gallery Mack, Seattle, WA
- 2005 A New Leaf Gallery "Focus on the Figure" - San Francisco, CA
- 2005 San Angelo Museum - Sun Angelo, TX
- 2005 Thornwood Gallery - Houston, TX
- 2004 US Bank's Art on the Streets - Colorado Springs, CO
- 2004 Chesterwood Museum "Visions of Nature" exhibition juried by Elliot Offner and Neil Estern
- 2004 Crossroads Contemporary: An International Gallery of Fine Art - Santa Fe, NM
- 2004 Sculpture in the Park - Loveland, CO
- 2004 Thomas R. Riley Galleries - Columbus, OH
- 2004 SOFA Chicago - Chicago, IL
- Jim Klingbeil – San Francisco, CA
- Ron and Joyce Near - Toronto, Canada
- Monica Peacocke - Roxbury, CT
- Steve and Cindy Farber - Denver, CO
- Kelly Smith - Snellville, GA
- Dr. Stuart and Patty Rosenberg - Boston, MA
- Jim and Kathy Callard – Annapolis, MD
- Stan Cheff - Grand Rapids, MI
- Bernie and Honey Drucker - New York, NY
- Jason and Rhonda Blue - Columbus, OH
- Dick and Gwen Bohlen - Santa Fe, NM
- John Paul and Terry Nichols - New York, NY
- Hester Capital Management - Austin, TX
- Graves Doherty, Hearon & Moody - Austin, TX
- David Tinsley - Chilton, TX
- Carol Meyer - Dallas, TX
- David Watson, Houston, TX
- Ressig Designs - Houston, TX
- Mr. & Mrs. Neikirk - Woodlands, TX
"My muse-Spanish Marquesa "
"The Way We Are "
Portuguese rose marble
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