Medium Mixed media
E.mail kachinaspirit115@aol.com
My work is conceptual. I began each piece with a question, usually related to human roles or relationships. I examine myths, symbols, and the origins of how we define ourselves. For me, art is a process of discovery where the work teaches me as much as I shape it. The language I use is the language of shape. I have discovered, through years of teaching and practice that sculptural expression takes its root in the symbolism of geometric form. The shapes I emphasize reflect a personal philosophy about my journey in life. The subjects I choose to sculpt are the landmarks that illuminate my path. Steel is exciting to me as a medium because it can have an exceptional softness in the final finish. I achieve a combination of organic forms and geometric shapes through the use of my MIG welder and my oxygedacetylene torch. I create my colors by applying acid patina and heat to the raw metal, after the form has been completed. The combination of techniques allows me the freedom to explore relationships between emotional and intellectual responses to experience.
- 2003 New Mexico Master Works, Albuquerque. NM
- 2002 New Mexico Master Works, Albuquerque. NM
- 1999 Street Gallery "Body and Soul" Exhibition, Dallas, TX
- 1998 East Texas Fine Arts Association Exhibition, Longview museum, Longview, TX
- 1998 Creative Art Center of Dallas Mentor Student Mesquite Art Center Exhibition. Dallas, TX
- 1998 Brazos Art Council Juried Exhibition, Granbury, TX
- 1997 Dallas Visual Arts Center. Dallas, TX
- 1996 Texas Visual Arts Association 5oth Anniversary. North Park. Dallas, TX
- New Mexico Master Works, Albuquerque. NM
- Heart Hospital of New Mexico, Bas relief bronze medallion wall plaque
- Heart Hospital of New Mexico, Donor wall
- New Mexico Heart Institute, Bas Relief bronze medallion wall plaque
- Bronze Bust - private commission
- Bronze two figure life size piece- private commission
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