Medium Mixed media, steel
Website www.nice-touch.com/
E.mail Victoria Varley

...I am primarily a Sculptor but also a Tiger Horse breeder and Fashion Designer. I was born in Durban, Natal, South Africa, and became an American citizen in July 1986 I have exhibited and sold my art on 3 continents including South Africa, Australia and the USA...

Recent competitions entries:  
- 9/11 WTC memorial included at the WTC'S museum site
- Bus shelters in three Bloomington, Indiana locations as part of a city beautification program.
- Alaska Airlines Flight 261 Families Memorial Sculpture competition
- Texas A&M memorial sculpture competition
- Commissioned work by the late Dr. Dennis Clark who gifted the sculpture to the Val Verde Women's Hospital Nurses Station, in Del Rio Texas
"I am a woman "
Bronze & glass beads .
Artist rendering- available in bronze.
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