Medium Glass
E.mail donaldpvadair@cs.com
I started drawing and painting at the age of six. I have continued it ever since. So far, I have painted in every media except transparent watercolor. I have also restored assorted artwork; mainly egg tempera, including a number of Wyeth and Hurd paintings. I am also proficient in ceramics and glass. Glass currently being my main media. My glass is often in functional shapes but not meant to be used. I do make sure that there is nothing toxic if one were to use a piece for food. My designs are usually abstract and often have a Celtic feel. I am afraid it is in the genes because I am Scots Irish and feel a kinship to Celtic designs. I have studied with Gerald Belcier, George Carlson and George Lundeen. My glass is kiln fired and varies from plates and bowls to free standing, low relief compositions. I find the dimensions of light and color in glass, wonderful to work with. I also enjoy the technical challenge.
- Mineral & Fossils, Santa Fe

- Weens, Albuquerque

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