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Enid E. Tidwell, is a native of New Mexico, brings a Southwestern fascination with light and color to her cast resin sculptures.   The Southwest’s intense sunlight makes the pieces come alive. The cast resin sculptures capture the natural light entering the concave surfaces.    The reflective qualities of the material are intensified with the use of lighted pedestals, or in some cases, neon.   The sensuous surfaces invite the viewer to touch as well as experience them visually.   Color and transparency are compelling reasons for the artist to use this unusual material.   Polyester resin is a thermosetting viscous liquid plastic which is cast into molds and dyed the desired color.   A catalyst hardens the material.   When the piece is unmolded it can be shaped with power tools and then sanded with wet-and-dry sandpaper.   A final polish with a linen buff and fine abrasives gives it the fine transparent, living quality.
- 2000 Governor’s Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
- 2000 Parthenon Museum , Nashville, Tenn.
- 2000 “Lumos!”, Expressions in Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
- 1998 St. John’s College Art Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
- 1995 El Prado Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
- 1995 San Juan College Art Gallery, Farmington, NM
- 1990 “Off the Wall”, Quadrangle Dev. Corp., Wash., DC
- 1986 Zenith Gallery, Washington D.C.
- 1983 U. of Alabama in Huntsville Museum of Art
- 1982 Rubiner Gallery, Detroit, MI
- 1980 “Captured Light”, Atlanta, GA
- 1980 Dominican College Gallery, San Rafael, CA
- 1979 2nd Open Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York
- Member Allied Artists of America Society since April 1988
- Hon. Mention, Gateway Museum, Farmington, NM
- Salmagundi Club Award, Salmagundi Galleries, NY
- Duke Energy, Washington, DC
- Signet Bank, Washington, DC
- Quadrangle Development Corporation, Washington, DC
- Ingersoll & Block, Sarasota, Florida
- Walker Wire, Detroit, Michigan
- Doug Manns, Law Offices, Detroit, Michigan
- Centennial Development Corp, Vienna, Virginia
- Fisher Group, Ann Arbor, Michigan
- CIMA Companies, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia
- San Juan College, Farmington, NM
- Schmeltzer, Aptaker & Sheppard, The Watergate, Wash. DC
"Dichroma II "
Cast polymer
"Icy Trails "
Cast polymer
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