Medium Bronze,welded steel
E.mail lewilson@aol.com
There is no overt statement, environmental or otherwise consciously intended in my sculptures. The materials used are generally some of our culture's discards, objects whose dead and useless forms transform themselves into metaphors of the living universe: a flower, a rock formation, a piece of sky...I spend a great deal of time looking at the object and playing with forms, through models and drawings before initiating a piece. As I work, the piece often takes on its own life carrying me along with it to its completion. Sculptures are taken one step further through enlargement into welded bronze pieces.
- 2000 Lew Allen Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.
- 1999 College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
- 1999 Lew Allen Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
- 1998 College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
- 1995 CCA, Santa Fe, NM
- 1992 Concept Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
- 1992 Fuller Lodge Art center, los Alamos, NM
- 1992 St John's College, Santa Fe, NM
- MG, award, city of Santa Fe, NM
- Trailblazer award. New Mexico commission on the status of women
- Douglas B. Cornell Jr. Evergreen, CO.
- Lon T. Werner. Fort Worth, TX
- Henry L. Michel, New York, NY
- Betsy Palmer, Studio City, CA
- Helen Deryshire. Santa Fe, NM
- Ellen Kregor, Santa Fe, NM
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