Dear Forum friends,
We had a nice turnout and with a little squeezing around the corners we managed to fit around the dining room table. So comfortable and connected were we, we never made it to the living-room. The table was very festively overflowing with delectables. Many thanks to all of you! Cynthia Pannucci shared a some of her experiences in Malta where she presented her ocean project at a conference. We are very proud of our member who operates on an international scene. Welcome back, Lisa and Patricia! We toasted the Forum for staying alive and alert for eleven years and reminisced a bit. It is time for me to renew and rethink my science and art connection and contemplate new ways to explore and share this interface with the community. It has been a meaningful and delightful journey for me. Right now I do not have a program for January but the invitation is open to anyone who would like to take on that evening. Bob Everett has had an idea brewing which he shared with Bob Eisensetein and now with our group, regarding a Science & Art project with students in the local schools. It is an ambitious and exciting idea which you will hear more about in the near future. We will keep you posted. May we all practice the art and science of "Keeping Christmas Well" Make it merry and meaningful! Faithfully,
Expos Update
Carol Sky
3rd Annual Nude & Erotic show

New Mexico Printmakers

October & November 2006
Mathematics & Art

Volos City Hall, Greece

December 21- February 2


Dear Forum friends,
Our evening with Michael Orgel at CCA's new space was truly memorable. We had a great turnout of about 20 people,mostly from the Forum but several from the sculptor's guild and friends. Michael's process for envisioning and creating sculpture, stone and wood, was fascinating and very informative .He began sculpting in the late 60s, so he speaks with the authority of decades of experience. Everyone was immensely impressed with the power and elegance of his forms which he finds in nature; shells, bones, driftwood, and plants. You can hear Michael on 89.9 FM on Tuesday mornings from 9:-12: AM, You can see his art at, On Tuesday's radio program Michael gave The Forum for Science & Art a thank you and descriptive announcement and our contact information. Best of all we will be seeing him again at our meetings. The date for our next meeting will be forthcoming, late November. It will be an 11th birthday celebration with time for some inspiration, reflection and planning.
Expos Update
Group show
New Concepts Gallery, Santa Fe NM
Oct 19 - Oct 26, 2007

Expos Update
Wasan Geometry
Hermay IT, Montreux. Switzerland
September 28 - November 12, 2007
Art and Nanotechnology
International Festival of NanoArt - Finland 2007



Expos Update
AHA! X 20 Exhibition
Two Horses Gallery, Santa Fe NM
July 11 - 17, 2007

Interior Art

Coady Contemporary, Santa Fe NM


Dear Forum friends,
Thank you Neil and Ursula for hosting our last meeting of this academic year in your beautiful home. It was a perfect Santa Fe summer evening with fragrant breezes and clear skies. Nine members gathered to share news and events of importance. I have asked everyone to email me the details so I can send them off to the whole group. After viewing the short video,"Its in Every one of Us " we got into an interesting discussion about Invisible forces that science does not have the instruments to measure: consciousness itself, ley lines, thought vibrations, the life force, growth. Then Richard Lowenberg offered some information on simple new internet strategies to bring people to our web site. We will be following up on these soon. Maggie at St John's Monday report stated that she will be in touch with us soon. The have found the staff person they were looking for so she will be freed up to make gallery plans. I tossed out the idea of a "Photo Safari" this summer. Just heading out to a beautiful area to shoot together. if you are interested please respond and I will put you on the "Safari" list. We need suggestions of destinations.
Expos Update

Digital 2007

Farell Fischoff gallery, Santa Fe NM

June 22 - July 23

Salon de la Culture et des jeux mathematiques

CityHall, Paris VI, France

May 31 - June 4


Dear Forum friends,
Sixteen members gathered together on a beautiful evening at Elspeth Bobbs' famous garden to experience it's beauty and celebrate the creation of Hillary Riggs's fractal installation. It is indeed an ingenious design in the shape of a logarithmic spiral. The garden itself is a work of art that has evolved through the years. After the garden tour we moved on to Judy Youen's wonderful home just up the hill for feasting and fellowship. Business news: Maggie has been set back a bit because the person they wanted to hire to assist her took another job. So Maggie has requested that we assume a holding pattern for a while regarding the exact time of the show. Thanks to all of you who have completed your submissions. Our last meeting will be the 3rd monday in June. Program is evolving. Send in your request. there is time.
Expos Update

NanoArt festival

Kotla, Finland

April 26 - May 26 , 2007

Goldleaf Framemakers, Santa Fe NM

April 20 - May 11, 2007


Dear Forum friends,
I was right! Last night was indeed a memorable event for everyone! Thank you Hillary, for opening your beautiful and unique home once again to The Forum. We had several new comers besides Bob and his wife Karolyn. There was such lively interaction it was difficult to corall everyone in for the program. Bob took us on a cosmic grand tour of the universe we can see and the one(s) that are invisible. We were given an historical perspective of the key figures and pivotal discoveries in the evolution of science and our consciousness about our place in the universe. As if this were not enough, after a break we viewed the classic short film "The Powers of Ten". Thank you , thank you, Bob for sharing your knowledge so creatively with us!
The business meeting was brief, centering on securing the gallery at St John's. Everyone received a statement of our theme "The Invisible forces of Nature," which will be part of our formal proposal. Let me know your reaction to it. It is open at least for several days for your input. Watch for an email regarding your participation in the exhibition. Next month's meeting promises to be equally wonderful. Hillary has announced that her art work, incorporated in the labyrinth garden project, will be completed by then.


Dear Forum friends,
Our thanks to Barbara, for so graciously opening her spectacular home for our meeting last night. Her creativity is to be found at every turn of the head. After Barbara's art tour, we settled around her huge antique coffee table to probe the depth of natures< powerful forces. Thanks to all of you for the material and insights you brought to the discussion. Regarding the search for our exhibition venue, Maggie at St.
Johns, is welcoming us again, however, we might have to wait until Sept. 08. So our search continues. Even though we do not have a date for a show, you can still use our theme to structure you creative process and get more connected with the substance and design of nature. Please report in if you have any leads, "ins" or ideas!
Expos Update

Mathematiques & arts

Faculte des Sciences & Technologies

Mars 5 - April 5, 2007


Dear Forum friends,
Jean gave us a dynamite presentation Monday night which is headed for exhibitions in Europe. For those of you who could not make it, check it out on his website. The images that filled the wall at CCA were powerful and yet delightful. These geometric configurations are universal and have appeared in many cultures from antiquity.. Great show, Jean! Thank you for all it took to bring this work forth. I think it wants to be shown again at some other venue in Santa Fe on a night when more people would be inclined to venture forth. It deserves a crowd. The Forum is in one of it's transformative stages. We have lost 6 or 7 members but we are welcoming new people as well. This is the nature of things. Guests last Monday were, Holly Garner, a science teacher/artist, Tom Ashcraft, artist /radio astronomer, Betsy Williams potter and Mark Saxe,stone sculptor, co -owners of The Rift Gallery which is on the Dixon Studio Tour.
Expos Update

Hyperbolic Tiling

Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe NM

Lecture & Multi-Media presentation
February 12, 2007


Dear Forum friends,
In spite of the cold and wintry weather,13 hardy member gathered at CCA to inspire and be inspired! Sandy Thompson said a few words about their very successful development campaign and their bold and exciting new programs. If you have any inclinations to volunteer contact Megan at CCA.
Members news:
-Carol Sky is showing at the NM printmaker gallery, 229 Johnson Street. The Show is titled" Size Does Matter". It is their 3rd annual nude/erotic show. Don't miss this one!
- Judith Podmore of FOCA sent us flyers announcing a fascinating conference to be held here at The Lensic, Feb.4-9 entitled "Plankton as an Artistic Inspiration", Exploration of the Influence of Plankton Shape and Form in Art & Design. More info. to come.
- Judy Youens is organizing a Glass sculpture show in March at a gallery on Canyon Road. You will be hearing more details in the future.
Diana presented the 3 choices that the exhibition committee gleaned from our master list for us to vote on. They were..... Motion/emotion, Invisible Forces of Nature, Patterns of The Universe. The winner by a close margin is.... "INVISIBLE FORCES OF NATURE". A separate email will be sent covering the next steps we must take for our exhibition committee in order to be in the show. Everyone is encouraged to be represented on our website. If you are not at this point in time, please contact me or Jean Constant for details on how to. We have a plan brewing to make a field trip to Marfa Texas in the spring. We'll see the mysterious lights and of course, the art community.
We were indeed honored to have Erika Blumenfeld present, in full projection, her past and current creative expressions. She is a true integrator of science and art, and inspiration to anyone drawn to this interface. We were given a glimpse of her current project to be recorded and filmed in the ant- arctic. Her vision is HUGE, her commitment is STRONG! The universe aligns with a passionate vision like hers. We are delighted to have her as a new member and will be following her progress. She is currently living and working at the observatory on her project in Marfa Texas. She has invited us to visit with her there when we are on our field trip. That's it folks! Wish everyone had been there to experience this fine evening with us! Watch for the exhibition email.
Expos Update
3rd Annual Nude & Erotic show

New Mexico Printmakers

January 2 -27, 2007

Τeχνη- μαθηματικa

Thessalia, Greece

December 21- February 2, 2007
Agenda for Monday, January 15 Meeting AT CCA
7:15 Begin - Social time
7:30 Business meeting
- Member news
- Old business
Report from exhibition committee-- theme and proposal for venues
Encouragement of website participation
- New Business
Ideas for the new year from members
Marfa, Texas, field trip - Diana
New business -member input of things left out
- Guest presenter
Erika Blumenfeld presentation and discussion- 8:00-9:00 PM
This evening is really open ended. The discussion and exchange may go on until 10:00PM or so for members who are still interested...


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