December 2006

Dear Forum friends,

If you were among the present Monday night, I am sure you will join me in thanking Carol and Bob for opening their beautiful home, studio and gallery so graciously. Thank you also for sharing your art with us and the paths you have taken that led you here to Santa Fe and to our group. It is inspiring to see the commitment you have made to your art. and the contribution you have made to our group. It was a perfect setting for honoring our 10 years of being "scouts for science and art'.

We ate, talked and networked a lot , toured the gallery and Carol's studio and finally ended up in Bob digital image labratory where we saw the slide show he had created from the images that had been sent in. Thank you Ursula, Cynthia, Richard, Jean and Bob for your contributions! We must do more of this. I found the images powerful and evocative and artistically inspiring. This is just the beginning! We finally make it out the door around 10 PM! It was an evening to remember!

A bit of good news! I returned home to find a message from Sandy Thompson from CCA stating that they would be delighted to have us return in January for our meeting. He also said that they were beginning for create a grant proposal to have a series of events centering on Science and Art.! I said that we were poised to offer any assistance. Good feelings all around. That's all for now, my friends. May your hearts be filled with light and love this sacred season.


November 2006

Dear Forum friends,

The gallery at CCA was a perfect place to hold our November meeting. After meeting and mingling with our members, Sandy Thompson, the development director gave a summary of the amazing plans that are underway at CCA. It will be quite an 
expansion and transformation. If you were so inclined it would be an interesting place to do some volunteer work. He was very cordial and 
seemed pleased to be hosting our group.
We had three members bring current work. Ursula's images beneath the sea were stunning. She is really mastering her craft! Paul Biagie brought a book of small ethereal, abstract paintings each accompanied by one of his poems.  His work demonstrates such a clear inspiration from science. I brought my latest spiralic sculpture, an enlargement of the one that was in our show. There was an exchange of news, events and artist support groups as well. Judy is going to be in an art show in Mexico!!
I am pleased to announce that we have our three members for the exhibition team, Carol Sky, Diana Sheffield, and Jean Constant.  Please contact Jean if you are having any difficulty sending off your information for the web site. It is very important to have our membership well represented there. Cynthia Pannucci is going to be sending a very significant email to everyone listing web sites that contain beautiful images from a wide range of scientific research.  Plenty of inspiration awaiting you!!
Finally, Richard Lowenberg was given the stage for his presentation, a visual trip through the years illustrating the creative applications of his personal brand of community collaboration with science and art. You had to be there to appreciate the scope of his thinking. Thank you, Richard and welcome to our group!!
Our next meeting will be on Monday, December 11th at Carol and Bob's studio. More soon from Sue. Be well, be curious, and be inspired!!


Expos Update
Bruce Papier Graphica Electronica
Northern New Mexico College
December 8
Jean Constant Ars-Matematica
Institut de France,
Tessaloniki, Greece
December 6 - 21

October 2006

Even though it was a "dark and stormy night", thirteen members found their way to Vaness's beautiful adobe home for our October meeting. We were all very impressed with out turnout to welcome Cynthia Pannucc to our group and to Santa Fe, her new home. Thank you, Vanessa for opening your lovely home to us! Your apple pie was an experience not to be forgotten!! Thanks to both Bob Everett and Cynthia for their contributions to our "show and tell" time.

We managed to get through a brief business meeting before the evening's presentation. Topics and tasks and a date for a planning meeting  are being sent  promptly via another email.

We were honored to have the founder and director of the New York based Art &Science Collaborations Inc.,,Cynthia Pannucci, as our presenter. ASCI has just opened their 8th International digital print exhibit in the New York Hall of Science entitled ", Digital 06/ Bio/Med SciART".  Cynthia's recent email has provided you with  all the information and web links to fill you in and and send you forward. Cynthia, your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are truly inspiring. Thank you for the special gift of a month's entree to the ASCI web site. We are delighted to have you with us!! Consider yourself "one of the family". Please let us know how we can help you get settled in Santa Fe..

1. A proposal to present to various venus for another art exhibition.
2. Determining what forms of additional structure our group would benefit from: byllaws, conditions for membership etc. We made it through a decade being very unstructured. It is time to reevaluate how we can best serve each other and the community at large.
3. Gathering ideas for programs and activities for the coming year. We have a 10th birthday party to plan for out December meeting.

Expos Update
Neil Freer UFO Insiders
neil freer
Susan Denniston Pecos Medical Center
Pecos, New Mexico
October & November
Jean Constant Mathematics & Art
Montpellier University, France
October 18 - 27
Ursula & Neil Freer Poetry & Art

May 2006

At our 05/08 meeting we had a good turnout of about 20 people at the studio for a presentation on the photography of Michael Philip Manheim.The presentation focused on his work using multiple exposure images to capture dancers in studio and natural settings. The very interesting presentation was well received and generated many questions. Thanks again, Michael. Also, Bruce McIntosh presented his images for the opening of our St. John's show. The well executed and clever presentation as web pages is an excellent record of our show and a good marketing tool for FSA. Members received CD's of the show images. There are still some copies available for members who were in the show. Please contact me to obtain one. Bruce, we greatly appreciate you efforts and valuable results! Remember, retrieve your works from the show on May 22 at the St. John's gallery.

The Star Axis field trip, postponed by rains, is now rescheduled for Saturday, June 10th. Here are the details. We will journey to the Star Axis earthworks near Las Vegas. After lunch, we will also visit the Prism Chapel at the nearby World College. Meet Saturday, June 10 at 9:00 AM near the Pecos Trail Inn at 2239 Old Pecos Trail which is not too far from, but before (when leaving Santa Fe), Quail Run. Also, at the Pecos Trail Inn is the restaurant formerly know as Peppers. We will carpool as possible. Don't be late! Bring your own food for a picnic lunch at the Star Axis. We will take a summer break from our regular monthly meetings on second Mondays of the month.

See you Monday, September 11th for the start of a new Forum for Science and Art season!

Expos Update
Ursula Freer Eldorado Studio Tour
May 20-21

April 2006

Dear Forum for Science and Art Members,

NEXT REGULAR MEETING Monday, May, 8 at 7:15 PM at Titus Paulsel's Studio in Santa Fe at 1550B Pacheco St., studio #7. For directions to the studio visit for directions and a map to view or print.

Our 04/14 opening at St. John's College Gallery had a great turnout of many people with lots of fun and good food. Thanks to all 20 artists for creating a very successful show of fine artworks! And thanks to Maggie Magalnick and St. John's for hosting the show. Reminder: You will need to pickup any unsold artwork at the gallery on Monday May 22.

Our field trip to the Star Axis was cancelled by unexpected, but welcome, in the main sense, heavy rains the day before. We will reschedule this event.

On May 8 at the FSA meeting Michael Philip Manheim will give a presentation on his work with projected images and a discussion. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about his very interesting work which creates rhythms in his photographs. Mr. Manheim will have a show of his work at the August Gallery from May 5 to July 5 so you can view his work at the gallery before the FSA presentation. The formal opening reception is May 12, 5 to 7. For more info please visit and also Thanks to Doug Brown of August Gallery for arranging this presentation.

March 2006

FSCIART - Monday March 13 Meeting, Titus Paulsel's Studio:

  • Card for St. John's Show -FSCIART Star Party Saturday
  • FSCIART STAR Party - Saturday March 25 - To be held at Hillary Riggs' house south of Santa Fe. Party will start at 6:00Pm with a pot luck supper. Please bring something to eat or drink. The observing, with my 16" reflecting telescope, will start about 7:45 and go to 9:00PM. During the dinner a briefing on the observing will be given. It won't rain on our star party, will it? Directions to Hillary's will be given later.
Expos Update
FSCIART Elements
St John College,
April 14 - May 21

February 2006

AGENDA for Monday February 13:

1. St. Johns's Group Show: Elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water (Thanks to everyone for getting in your contracts.)

A. Design of postcard for show. Please bring your ideas for the card. Ideally this will be a computer graphic file on a CD that we can see on my laptop, or a sketch. Or just your verbal description. The card will be approximately 8.5" x 5.5" in size. We need to do a design and get to Maggy Magalnick for St. John's comments/approval before we send off to get printed.

B. FSA statement of purpose. A brief statement that can be used when describing the group for promotion purposes. Bring your statement draft. Again we will need to provide to Maggy, as above.

C. Elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water theme description. A brief statement that can be placed on the wall as one enters the gallery to set the mood. Again we will need to provide to Maggy, as above.

D, Computer graphic file (.tif .jpg or .psd format) of your artwork on a CD. This will be used for show promotion. Again we will need to provide to Maggy, as above.

2. Show n' Tell Nite. - Please bring one or two examples of your recent work to show the group and get feedback. Last time we had several artists present their work and was enjoyable for all.


Expos Update
Neil Freer Kevin Smith Show
February 8

January 2005

Monday, January 9, 2006 we will have a presentation on Fractal Memory by Alex Nugent, President of Knowm Tech. The presentation will focus on his company's work using nano-technology to create new computing methods to solve problems now very difficult or impracticable on conventional computers. His presentation for FSA will be based, to some extent, on his presentation to the U.S. Patent Office in December in Washington, DC. Don't miss Alex's presentation! For more information about Knowm Tech (and Alex) Please visit with lots of interesting material.

Expo Update
Jean Constant Art & Science
IUFM Bonneuil, France
January 4 - January 16


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