December 2003

Dear Forum friends,

We had an excellent turnout for our gathering to welcome Cynthia Pannucci, director and founder of "The Art Science Collaborative" in New York City.It was more of a party than a meeting. That came to be as our goal was simply to get to know one another and share our ideas for the integration of Science and Art. Cynthia was open, interested and inspirational! Since we stared in the late afternoon, there was plenty of time for relaxed social interaction,"time in the lobby"as Judith put it. After the meeting we went up to Hillary's cozy den and watched a video of a recent FSCIART art show and Sky' 3 minute film. A group photograph was taken which Cynthia plans to post on their website. It was a significant meeting of the East and the West "Sci-art" buffs. Cynthia hope to start a small group fashioned like ours in her new home in Florida. The door has opened to future collaboration with ASCI! Everyone is encouraged to become a member. Our next meeting will be Jan. 13th at Judy and Jim's new studio. Detail will be posted on this site soon.
You can catch up with ASCI and Cynthia's perspective on this meeting at:
Expos Update
Ursula Freer "Space" Paintings.
Now on permanent exhibit,
Santa Fe Community College Planetarium.
Available @
Jean Constant Espace Rigault, Basel Switzerland.
Nov. 27 - Dec 16, 2003.
Ursula Free "1001 Reasons to Love the Earth"
2000 Foundation. Seoul, S. Korea
Spring 2004.

November 2003

Dear Forum friends,

What a wonderful "welcome back" evening.hank you one and all for showing up on a monday night in such good spirits. Lots of news and interesting projects brewing! Thank you Sky for hosting us once again and for sharing your monumental,deeply moving film,"Field of Green". I am pleased to announce that we were right! Hilary would be delighted to host our evening with ASCI founder, Cynthia Pannucci on the Friday evening after Thanksgiving,the 28th.

I Would like suggestions and a small committee of support to figure out the details. Jean suggested showing his 20 minutes video on the cello/art evening at the Awakening. I think members should bring something they have created ala sci-art. She wants to know what we have been up to. I will be forwarding the ASCI's November newsletter in a few days. Do send your suggestions. We were delighted to welcome Jean's friend, Hans Tuerstig.Ph .D. whose area of expertise is India. His web site is The program for the coming season is wide open. Please let me now if you have something you would like to present,ideas you would like to toss out to the group for discussion, a place you would like us all to visit, a topic of interest to you for "collaborative inquiry".

Judy and Jim have converted my old studio where we met for 2 years,into a photography studio. They are willing to host a meeting there soon. There is a such a rich diversity in our group. I am very excited about the coming season even though I don't know what is going to happen. We invent ourselves as we go along!


October 2003

Expos Update
Jean Constant Los Alamos Research Park,
August 6 - January 6,
Jean Constant Predock gallery
Los Alamos MPL.
June 1 - July 30
Ursula Free Predock gallery,
Los Alamos MPL.
June 1 - July 30, 2003

June 2003


I am not sure who I am reporting to as nearly everyone was able to come to Hilary's fabulous new home for our June party meeting. Thank you profusely, Hilary for a memorable evening exploring the many facets of your magical space. The sunset story telling at the kiva, the art tour and talk, Alex's vivid humanistic description of the habits of a neuron, the bounty of good food made this truly and evening of science and art we will all remember. I think it was also the latest meeting of the season and we still haven't seen Jean's video on the music and art evening...


April 2003

Dear Forum friends,

Sky has located a film that he highly recommends for our next meeting, Tuesday,April 8th,"Theremin, An Electronic Odyssey". Join us at 7:15 PM at Sky's studio.
Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (1993 )
A documentary on the life and achievements of Leon Theremin, a Russian scientist and musician who invented the world's first electronic musical instrument. It follows his life, career, and contributions from 1928, through his kidnapping by Stalinist agents in 1938, years of exile and service to the Soviet state to his return to America at age 95. This documentary explore his personal and professional life with candid interviews of colleagues, electronic music luminaries such as Robert Moog. It also highlight Theremin's influence in classical music, Hollywood movie soundtracks, and contemporary performers such as Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys or Todd Drudge, Laurie Anderson, Donald Fagen and many other.

March 2003

Dear Forum friends,
"An Evening of Art and Music" was the first event we have sponsored for the general public. Life is one choice after another. Anyone who chose to come, chose wisely. Michelle offered her splendid space at The Awakening Gallery in Santa Fe, Michael set it resonating with his beautiful cello, members saw their artwork come to life with the musical vibrations and we all enjoyed a time to "meet and greet" over refreshments
Michael Kott is a Santa Fe cellist, and composer who worked with many highly acclaimed musicians and performance artists such as award winning bassist Victor Wotten, Mark O'connor and Artist of the Year, Robert Mirabal in the PBS special,"Music from a Painted Cave". Michael is an experimental musician and performance artist, currently producing music for an all cello tour this spring. He just returned from a performance in New York City with opera diva, Sasha Lazard. Michael played several piece inspired by Forum artists' works and presented his views on "Musical Vibrations and the Spectrum"
From 6:30 PM on it the place was "humming" with team- work. Jean helped Michael with the sound equipment and Michelle with the video, Doug was everywhere doing what needed to be done. Hilary tended the food and plans for changing artwork with Ursula. Raphaella created our donation sign. It all came together beautifully. Thanks to everyone for making this a memorable event Special thanks to you, Michelle, not just for the space but also for all your time and thought. I have sent a thank you note to Michael who I feel gave us his very best. People left last night, resonating at a different frequency than when they arrived. No matter what is happening out there, it makes a difference to know that we are part of a universe of infinite beauty and order.


Snapshots from the upcoming video: "An Evening of Art and Music"


Expos Update
Laurelo Cambello Predock gallery
Los Alamos MPL
June 1 - July 30, 2003
Ursula Freer Albuquerque Press Club
Dec. 5 - Feb. 15, 2003.
Jean Constant Albuquerque Press Club
Dec. 5 - Feb. 15, 2003.
Website Update
Jean Constant "Window on the Arts"

January - February 2003

Dear Forum friends,

Out next meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 4th at 7pm at Sky David's studio. Note the switch from Thursday to Tuesday. This meeting is an opportunity for everyone to have their say in directing the course of the Forum.

The first part the evening will be like a networking party of sorts. It is suggested that everyone bring two things of interest to them: some of their art work, a significant book, an article of clothing that you are very fond of but seldom wear for whatever reason etc,etc. Be creative. The whole idea here is to create a situation whereby we have fun getting to know each other's unique qualities and special interests. Also there will be index cards handy to write down ideas of things we might do together in the Forum. These will be pulled from a hat during our brainstorming session which follows the party, lead by Richard Kramer. The photography show at the Los Alamos library opens on the 30th. You will be able to see some of Larry Campbell's work there. Michael Kott, the cellist I spoke of, has agreed to be with us for our March 4th meeting. His science and art fascination is with the interface of color and music. More on the details later. Circle that date and be thinking of who you might invite to join us. See you next Tuesday,the 4th.


January 2003

We had a fine turnout for Alex Nugent's presentation at the Forum meeting last night. It is not easy to squeeze years of investigation into an hour long talk but Alex was up for the challenge. Considering all the interaction with the members, he got his idea across very clearly. It is very exciting to be on the sidelines of something significant like this emerging into the scientific arena. Alex will be graduating in the spring and will spend a year in Santa Fe before starting graduate school so we will be able to follow his progress with this project.

We then had a planning meeting which for me was a lot of fun. Good ideas kept popping up. Doug suggested that we find a theme and generate art around it, creating an art show that might actually go on tour. ASCI sent out a call for a juried show around a theme this winter. I will find the announcement and send it to you. However, it was getting late so we decided to continue brainstorming and sharing, at our next meeting,. Judith observed that "we have been spending time in the auditorium when we should be out in the lobby". So, bring two items to the meeting that are significant to you. They may hold the seeds of a future activity or project or may tell us something interesting about yourself that we may not have know. We are going to "stir the pot” so to speak, get our considerable energy pool going.

We are going to try our meetings on Tuesday night instead of Thursday. OUr next meeting will be Tuesday February 4th. Please let me know whether Tuesdays are OK for you. Many thanks to Alex and to Sky for once again hosting our meeting.



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