December 2002

Notes on the meeting of 12/4: Doug, former geologist and full time sculptor since 1985, has been lecturing on Science and Art for many years, to schools and colleges, in science and engineering classes. His slide show was an historical perspective of Science and Art right up to contemporary artists that were in his Science and Art show. Doug has lots of good ideas for future projects and paths that our group might take. I am eager for all of you to meet him soon.

Our next meeting will be the second Thursday in January. Hilary's son Alex, who is a brilliant physics student at Whitman college has developed some breakthrough theories that he wants to share with us...

April 2002

To those of you who were unable to make last week's usual, you missed a good one!

Jules Shapiro's slide presentation began when he was still an orthopedic surgeon with no artistic training and took us through his transition into the world of stone carving. His ability to evoke feeling and render with life like accuracy is most impressive. Thank you Jules for sharing your beautiful science & art creations. You also missed seeing Richard Kramer tie my velvet rope sculptures into exotic nautical knots. This is a spin off from his presentation on "The Mathematics and Sculpture of Knots".

I am delighted to report that we have been invited to hold our April meeting on THURSDAY, THE 25th, at "The Art and Science Laboratory". This is the creative center for Woody Vasulka, Steina and Jim Crutchfield of the Santa Fe Institute.

March 2002

Our next meeting will be on THURSDAY MARCH 21, 7:00 PM at Sky's. Jules Shapiro will be showing slides of his stone sculptures. Jules has a background in orthopedic surgery.

Many thanks to Sky for hosting our February meeting once again in his beautiful studio/home. Three members shared their work. Sue Denniston brought some artwork in hand cast paper with gems stone and fiber, Ursula Freer brought examples of her latest digital art work and shared with us her technique in bringing the images together. Yours truly also brought a recent piece and shared some of my assignments from my classes at SFCC. Several brought books to share. Some interesting discussions ensued that were of course unresolved, worthy to be continued...

Theaterwork in Santa Fe has opened a new play, Tennessee William's" The Notebook of Tergorin",his version of Checkov's "The Sea Gull". It is very well done and the sets and costumes terrific. Anyone interested in a Forum theater party, Sat. March 9th, just let me know. (Susan Latham 2/28)

Expos Update
Ursula Freer
Santuario De Guadalupe. Santa Fe
March 15 -March 25, 2002.
Bill McIntyre
CD Cafe. Santa Fe
March 15 -March 29, 2002.
Website Update
Mathias Weber
Hillary Riggs

February 2002

Despite the iffy weather we had a good turnout for our January meeting at NCGR. Patty Myers presentation was in the true spirit of the forum in that her curiosity, investigation and technical skills came together in a flowing and professional slide show. It is the product of years of focus and exploration. She has created a booklet in color of the slides and text of her talk. It is well worth the $10 is costs to copy. It can be ordered from her. We appreciated all that it took to bring this before us. It is a huge subject that will not end for us with her talk.

Our next meeting will be THURSDAY, FEBRURARY 21 at SKY'S STUDIO. Come and celebrate with us unless you have a heavy date at some secluded spot! We are going to stir the pot again with another evening of "Works in Process". Some of you were in the wings the evening at Sky'. Let me know if you would like to have some time. Also, I would like any one that is so moved to bring a book that has been important to them. We will spend a little time talking about them and select a few for a more in depth discussion at a later meeting. A book is a doorway to new worlds and new perspectives…

January 2002

The first meeting of 2002 will be Thursday, January 10th, 7:00 pm at NCGR. Patty Myer will have a multimedia presentation on her research on ancient technologies, some of which have been gleaned from her trips to Egypt.


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