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The 12-30 project by Jean Constant 52 Grains of Sand - Geometry of Nature

Br-16 IGI-4D
Proceedings of the Bridges 2016 Mathematics & Art conference. Jyväskylä, Finland Visualizing the 4th Dimension
Tesselation Publishing IGI Global

Br15 Br15art
Proceedings of the Bridges 2015 Mathematics & Art conference. Baltimore, MD Catalogue of the Bridges 2015 Mathematics & Art conference. Baltimore, MD
Tesselation Publishing Tesselation Publishing

The 364-1 project by Jean Constant
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igi imaginary
Random Processes and Visual Perception: Stochastic Art NIMS-IMAGINARY Exhibit catalogue, ICM Seoul 2014.
IGI Global Publishing. MFO Publisher.

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Digital Sangaku, Part I   Digital Sangaku, Part II
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jesongalp jesong2 enschede
Proceedings of the Mathematics & Art conference, Seoul, S.Korea. 2014.
Tesselation Publishing
Catalog of the Mathematics & Art conference exhibit, Seoul, S.Korea.2014.
Tesselation Publishing
Proceedings of the Mathematics & Art conference, Saxon U. Enschede, ND. 2013.
Tesselation Publishing
sym vismath towson
Symmetry in Mathematics, Physics and Art. Journals of Symmetry - Culture and Science. Volume 24, (2013)
Experience -centered approach & visualization in the education of mathematics and physics. (2012)
University of Kaposvar, HU.
Proceedings of the Bridges 2012 Mathematics & Art conference, Towson U. MD
Tesselation Publishing
IGI springer scribd01
Digital Approaches to Visualization of Geometric Problems in Wooden Sangaku Tablet. 2012
IGI Global
Structure of Visualization and Symmetry in Iterated Function Systems. 2011
Art Selection Criteria.
cantor jmm12 coimbra
Cantor Deconstructed.
JMM 2012. Exhibit catalog. Boston MA.
Tesselation Publishing
Bridges Math&Art 2011 Exhibit catalog. Coimbra. PO.
Tesselation Publishing
pec 2010 leeuwarden
Bridges Math&Art 2010 Exhibit catalog. Pec, HU
Tesselation Publishing
Bridges Math&Art 2009 Exhibit catalog. Banf, CND
Tesselation Publishing
Bridges Math&Art 2008 Exhibit catalog. Leeuwarden, ND
Tesselation Publishing



Recent articles

07, 2015 Bonnie Gordon. Los Alamos Daily Post. The SMART contest
06, 2015 CGIV conference. D-Art 2015
03, 2015 AWB. Lovers on a bench.
09,2014 Sean Rameswaram. PRI  NanoArt
07, 2014 CGIV conference. D-Art 2014
06,2014 Passatiempo. Currents 2014
07, 2013 AWB. Martematica
06, 2013 Michael Abatemarco. Santa Fe New Mexican. "Electrons on on parade"
09, 2013 GAG newsletter. Sangaku
04, 2012 Diamond Variation. CinePoeme. "Jean Constant".
03, 2012 College of Letters, Department of Psy. Ritsumeikan University. "Illusion links".
03, 2012 Didactica de la Matematica. GPDM. "Sangaku".
03, 2012 Avi Blizosky. Hayadan. "Nano21"
01, 2012 Robert Dickau. RD. "Bell numbers"
01, 2012 American Mathematical Society. 2012 Mathematical Imagery.
01, 2012 Alex Bogomolny. "Sangaku"
12, 2011 Problematico del Tao. UnifiedTao. "Pattern recognition"
11, 2011 Matematyczne ciekawostki. MC. Galerie Sangaku.
11.2011 Maria Drujkova. MathFuture. "Math&Art"
8, 2011 Festival of Discovery. LACDC. "The nextBig Idea"
07, 2011 Domus. Boidus. Project Heracles"
07, 2011 Assolo di Poesia. ADP. "Poetry has been here"
06, 2011 Chris Orfescu. "Nano Art"
02, 2011 MathStack Exchange. MSE. "Sangaku"
06, 2010 NanoArt2010. NanoTechnologyNow. "Nano Art"
02, 2009 Hyper-Mathematics. Bilgi University. "Set theory"
12, 2008 LBM. CanalBlog. "Jean Constant"
08, 2008. Jack Leibowitz. John Hopkins University press. Hidden harmony: The connected world of Physics and Art.
01, 2008 Inclassable Mathematiques. 1IM. "Art Plastiques & Mathematiques"
01, 2008 Carol Clark. UCTV. "Behind the White Coat"
03, 2007 Broken & Repaired. Rift Gallery. "WorldCup"
08, 2006 Emerging Tech. ZDNet. "When Art meet Math"
08, 2006 Nancy Zimmerman. Santa Fe Trend Publishing. "Creative Trinity"
08, 2006 D. Cerruti. MathNews. "When Art meet Maths"
04-2006 OG. Passatiempo. "4 Elements"
08, 2005 Tom Weideman. New-Mexican. "St John College"
04,2005 Quadrature.EDP Science. "Chagall Revisited"
04, 2005 El Palacio. . NMCA. "Jean Constant"
02, 2005 Diana Heil.New-Mexican. "The Art of Maths"
02, 2000 Rita Colwell. BMS, National Research Council. "Jovean bees"

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