Ulrich Niemeyer
2300 South Court
Santa Fe
New Mexico 87505 USA
Idol #1   1964   Bronze    44x28x11 cm
No.9     Ladies of Ur    1965-2012    Bronze    69x69x69 cm
No.9    Ladies of Ur    1965-2012   Bronze   69x69x69 cm
No.69   Cuernavaca #1   1986   Bronze    19x19x19 cm
No.69   Cuernavaca #2   1986   Bronze    19x19x19 cm
No.116   Chacmool #20   2012   Bronze    21x7x5 cm
No.116   Chacmool #23   2014   Bronze    21x6x5 cm
No.117   Castle #1   2013   Bronze    20x16x10 cm
No.117   Castle #5   2013   Bronze    20x12x10 cm
No.119   Figure #1-4   2014   Bronze    height 41 cm
No.120   Malta #1   2014   Bronze    24x17x8 cm
No.120   Malta #2   2014   Bronze    24x17x8 cm
No.120   #7   2014   Bronze    24x17x7.5 cm
No.120   #5   2014-2017   Cherrywood    24x15x7.5 cm
No.120   #10   2014-2017   Walnut    24x13x6 cm
No.126   Santa Fe #5   2015   MDF    25x80x4 cm
No.127   Uxmal #3   2015   American White Oak    16x65x6 cm
No.128   #3   2015   MDF    8x8x3 inches
No.128   #5   2016   Bronze    7.5x7.5x3 inches
No.128   #6   2016   Bronze    7.5x7.5x3 inches
No.128   #8   2016   Bronze    7.75x7.75x3 inches
No.129  #1    1983-2016   Bronze    89x17.5x17.5 cm
No.130   #2   2016   Bronze    7x9x5.75 inches
No.130   #3   2016   Bronze    7x7x5 inches
No.130   #4   2016   Bronze    7x7x3 inches
No.130   #5   2017   Walnut    7x7x2.5 inches
No.130   #6   2017   Walnut    7x7x2 inches
No.130   #7   2017   Walnut    7x7x2 inches
No.131   Top #1   2018   American White Oak    3x12x1.5 inches
No.132   #1-2-3    2018   Walnut    3x12x1.5 inches
No.133   #2   2018   Cherrywood    24x46x10.5 cm
No.133   #4   2018   Cherrywood    16x31x10 cm
No.133   #5   2018   Cherrywood    22.5x46x10.5 cm
No.134 #2   #4   2018   Corrugated board    41x26x4 cm
Ulrich Niemeyerwas born 1936 in Trier, Germany. He attended art schools in Mainz and Saarbrücken from 1955 to 1958, when he left Germany to study figure sculpture at the Royal Academy in Stockholm, Sweden and from 1959 to 1963 at the Slade School, University College, London, England. In 1963 he received the University of London Diploma in Fine Art in sculpture and design. Later that year he was admitted as a permanent resident in the USA. In New York he taught basic design and sculpture at Friends Seminary, Pratt Institute and Rockland Community College. During that time he was a member of the 55 Mercer Street gallery. During a first three month travel through Central America in 1974 his interest in pre-Columbian art and architecture evolved and began to influence his work. In 1989 he left New York for Mexico to work in Cuernavaca and subsequently in Taxco. In 1990 he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Leaving New York he destroyed much of his work but recreated some of it digitally in later years using 3D modeling programs. From 1994 to 2008 he developed and taught the Visual Communication program at Northern New Mexico College. He lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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