Medium: Oil, acrylic, graphite
E.mail: Paul Biagi

Three interests have guided my work:  abstraction from the figure, abstraction from the landscape and abstraction from physics and mathematics. The abstraction process allows me to explore the unseeable structures in our consciousness and in the physical world. 

To produce the shapes and spaces that interest me I use a process of layering and then removing by scraping, and erasing.  In my ink work this involves constantly covering previously drawn lines to build shape and value, sometimes over a colored ink wash. Eventually this leads to areas that I feel are evocative of the protoforms that underlie our perceptions of the world.  

My recent paintings involve pouring, collage, taping and sanding.  The notion of the vacuum (emptiness) and the duality between the continuous and the discreet inform this work

I am not so much interested in psychology or emotion in my work as in the questions of how and why the world is.  I want to somehow show the mystery at the heart of existence. Ultimately I hope to produce something that I have a longing to see.     

"Structure of emptiness "
Mixed nedia
Mixed Media

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