Digital & media art
A Book of Days Mathematical Surfer
Bell numbers Martematica
Bongard problem Math-surfaces
Boy surface Motion
Cantor set Nano-Elements
Cinemagraphs Neo Classic
Children's workshop Optical Illusion
Conformal maps Other graphics
Crystallographic point groups Pattern Recognition
DA3 NM Pixelation
Digibirds Poetic of Symmetry
Digicalendar Sangaku
Eggs Semantics
Filmstrip Spirals
Fractals Stochastic Art
Gems The Naked Truth
Horses The Nine Muses
Hyperboles The Riemann conundrum
Julia Window on the Arts
Knots Xssant story

Bell number      Book of Days      Boy surface      Conformal map       Optical Illusion     fractal      fractal
Recent work

All the images in this portfolio are available in large size, museum quality paper, canvas or aluminum print. Contact us for further information.